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All submissions are from Nicholas County High School (WV) students and staff members; newest submissions will be at the top.

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Emma Johnson

Her Love is screaming color in a world of muted gray.
The rain falling reminds her of him; it is falling hard, and she is, too
His voice is soothing music that makes her want to sway.
He is the yellow she adores; she will never feel blue.
She looks at him like crimson fireworks and feels her heart quake.

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Samantha Straughan

This heart is best described
a bird in a glass bottle.
Fleeting wings beat –
unsteadily, uneasily –
against paper lungs.


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Sunday Evening
… A senior …

(Sunday evening: 11:30 as the “Wonderful” thought of Monday morning slips into mind.)

I’m really not looking forward to tomorrow…
(remembering deadlines)

Honestly, I’m not looking forward to this week…
(Realizing graduation is eight weeks away. ‘Only filled out one scholarship’)

Who am I kidding… I’m not looking forward to the next ten years.


Samantha Straughan

Hours of night,
not meant for dreaming,
capture dreams
to keep you awake –
a paradigm for
new imagination.

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The Titanic After (The death of a coward)
Gavin Foster

Those eyes. Color of the oak tree in my front yard. Hazel; caramel; don’t they coordinate? I’ve written millions of poems in the sand below the ship. I wake up again to find a new poem written by the currents. I draw flowers; frosted roses. I miss my color. How does a dead man find reason to live? I keep getting stuck on that question, and I don’t know why I’ve been stuck. The question means more than the answer. My situation means more than the explanation.

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