Art submissions include — but are not limited to — paintings, drawings, sculptures, 3D graphic design, photographs, Etch-a-Sketch… Your imagination is the limit!

All submissions are from Nicholas County High School (WV) students and staff members; newest submissions will be at the top.

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Jordan Morris


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The desktop publishing students in Mrs. Murphy’s class created their own album covers.


Clean Water Rotary Club


Jordan Morris


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These photos were featured at the Tamarack Youth Art Month. To see the corresponding article, visit here.


Jordan Morris



Amanda Ward / Jordan Morris



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These are the barn quilt submissions to decorate the Summersville Public Library.



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These student photographs are featured at Tamarack in the Realize Your PETential gallery. To read the corresponding article, visit this link!


Kassidy Mccoy, 9th gradeGlade Creek Floral, May 17th, 2017

Why? It shows the beauty of Earth life. Also I went there with my cousin. We was on a four wheeler ride and we decided to stop here. We was looking at all the flowers and admired this one in particular with all its water drops and it’s purple ombré. We used to spend every day together but she has moved. This was one of the very last days we spent together. We say this flower holds our bond together.


Caitlin Flanagan Artwork
Caitlin FlanaganThe Vine Dreams Grow On
          This is a piece of art that I created out of a piece of Locust firewood and wood burning tools. My dad bought me the wood burning tools, and he encouraged me to draw something on my own. My mother is a very good artist, and I always wanted to be a good artist too.
          When I look at the flower, I see life and beauty. I would like other people to see the same as well.


Mackenzie Yeager Impressionism
Mackenzie Yeager – Impressionism – “Sunny Side”

This piece of mine is called, “ Sunny Side.” I created this piece in Rock Springs, Wyoming. I was in Drawing 1 class at Rock Springs Junior High. The reason I made this piece was for my final grade for my art class of the year. I finished this piece on May 24, 2017.
The reasoning I did a grassy hills on a sunny day is because of a quote my friend told me which is, “ Stay on the sunny side of life.” This quote is what inspired me to do it for my last piece of art. My color choices was red hills with different shades of yellow, and orange. Also with green hills with bits of blues. I did that because I wanted to catch the eye of the observer because green and red are complimentary colors making them brighter when they are put side by side. Also you can see that the hills go off the page which is also to draw the attention of the observer making them stare longer because it makes them imagine what it looks like completely there.


Talynda Ferguson Eleven from Stranger Things-1
Talynda Ferguson — Eleven from Stranger Things




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