By: Makayla Garcia

The Coronavirus has swept through the country, leaving West Virginia to make proactive decisions in order to prevent the further escalation of the pandemic. Governor Justice announced that West Virginia Schools would be closed until further notice as of the end of the day on Friday, March 13.

This announcement took Nicholas County High School by surprise, leaving teachers and students with diversified opinions. Mrs. Tucker, a senior English teacher, stated, “It was a good move by our government to keep citizens safe.” Mr. Young, a senior civics teacher, added, “Governor Justice’s decision to close West Virginia schools was a difficult decision but a necessary one. In order to provide the best care for all citizens, we must limit our contact with each other. I think he did what was best for the citizens of West Virginia and all those who are impacted by the school system. There is nothing wrong with being proactive ahead of a potential danger.”

Vice Principal Mr. Jarvis, referred to the events as “historic,” and everyone can agree that in a reactive nation, this was a very proactive response. Senior Alex Rose commented, “While it’s easy to laugh at the memes, it’s important to remember that this is the real world, and we need to be proactive instead of reactive.”

The announcement left many to wonder: why don’t we have any cases in West Virginia yet? Mrs. Long speculates West Virginia has been free from cases because of ramps. The satirical teacher says, “Ramps- dig ‘em, clean ‘em, cook ‘em, eat ‘em…and don’t forget to wash your hands in between each step!” Her analysis continues to reiterate the importance of washing your hands.

Mrs. Rapp declared, “My best advice to you is keep calm, stay out of big crowds, and wash your hands.”

A message from Nicholas County Superintendent Dr. Donna Burge-Tetrick says, “More guidance will follow, please be patient while we work out all the details about what this means for staff, meals, distance learning, etc. We understand there are many questions- superintendents are working together as we seek to keep a unified message. There is a planned call between the superintendents and the WVDE at 4 this afternoon. WE will pass information along as soon as we get it. Schools will operate on normal schedule today. They are not releasing early. All school sponsored events after 4 pm today are cancelled. This included participating in the St. Patrick’s Day parade and student recognition at the March 16 Board of Education Meeting. Recognition will be rescheduled.”

As of this time, no other information has been provided, but school, county, and state officials are working diligently to create a plan for this series of unforeseen events.

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