Starbucks is Coming to Town

BY: Jaden Nemoto & Kyle Groves

A very popular coffee shop is coming to the small town of Summersville. It is called Starbucks and it is going to be located in Merchants Walk beside Applebee’s.

The owner of our local business of Appalachian Coffee House said, “We are hoping it doesn’t affect us much. We have a lot of great loyal customers, so I think we will keep them! We feel the new Starbucks will draw from people passing through Rt. 19. But once people taste Appalachian coffee they say it’s better. We also use locally roasted coffee from Cherry River Roastery in Richwood. We have found that a lot of people like supporting local businesses where they get a more personalized service!”

“I am very excited for Starbucks to open up,” said senior Nicole Woods. “I think that having Starbucks will definitely affect tardies because a lot of students love to get coffee before school,” said Mrs. Barker.

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