Macy Ward a Finalist for the National Merit Scholarship

By: Macy WArd & Canessa Taylor

Macy Ward, a senior at Nicholas County High School, just received some very exciting news. Macy is now a finalist in the running for a National Merit Scholarship. This means Macy could potentially be awarded a full ride to the college of her choice. 

To be considered for this scholarship, you must have a high grade on your PSAT, which students take their senior year. Macy scored a 1410 out of 1520, which gave her a very good chance of qualifying for the scholarship. 

Macy is a very dedicated student who has a bright future ahead of her. She works hard in school and her 4.0 GPA and Merit Scholarship Finalist certificate can account for that. Macy’s friends and family couldn’t be prouder of her. They believe she deserves to win so she will know that all of her hard work has paid off. 

Multiple teachers here at NCHS –including Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Nutter, and Mrs. Bennett- have congratulated Macy on her accomplishment. As for Macy herself, she says, “I’m proud of myself and am extremely surprised I’ve made it this far in the competition.” 

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