2020 Math Field Day

By: Hannah Tucker & Adrienne Bounds

By Hannah Tucker & Adrienne Bounds

On February 13, twenty-five Nicholas County School students were sent to compete in the county Math Field Day, at Panther Creek Elementary School, against our rivals, Richwood Lumber Jacks. All freshmen placed in the top eleven: first place Bobby Eakle, second place Zach Jeckering, third place Wesley Hill. NCHS students took seven spots in the Senior High Top Ten. First place William Gillespie and second place Olivia Jeckering.

Jacob Holcomb, third alternate, has prepared for this his whole high school career by participating in higher level math courses as an underclassman and taking calculus currently.

“All of it is fun, getting the day off of school, doing math, spending the day with friends and likeminded classmates” stated Jacob Holcomb.

Math Field Day is enjoyable for Jacob and other students who appreciate math.

Mr. Fox has overseen the math department and Math Field Day for many years. He is proud of how the students represent Nicholas County High School.

Good luck to each student advancing to Regional Math Field Day, held on February 29, 2020.

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