Poetry Out Loud

By: Hannah Tucker & Adrienne Bounds

On January 14th, Nicholas County High School hosted Poetry Out Loud. Six students participated in the competition this year: Galilea Villasenor (first-place), Alex Rose (first runner up), Gavin Foster, Hunter Shaffer, Abigail Hamon, and Johnny Sweeney.

The students had to memorize the poems in order to compete. Participants prepared themselves by rehearsing with others and repetition. First-place winner, Galilea Villasenor, prepares by reciting the poems to herself.

This competition helps numerous students to step out of their comfort zone and express their love for literature. Only the first-place winner will advance to states which will be held in March at the Cultural Center in Charleston, WV.

Galilea has used the same poem for two years. It’s a very difficult poem, titled, “Spanglish” by Tato Laviera.

Will she represent Nicholas County at the National Competition?

Good luck to Galilea!

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