Student Council Attends Women and Girl’s Day

By: Macy Ward & Canessa Taylor

On January 24, twelve of the female members of Student Council at Nicholas County High School and four Richwood High School went to the State Capitol. 

Prior to attending the event, the Student Council members only knew that they would be sitting in on the legislative session at the Senate or House and touring the Capitol. Upon arrival to the Capitol, however, the girls realized Women and Girls’ Day was much more than it had originally appeared on the surface. Adrienne Bounds said it was, “very fun and educational.” She was able to learn about how voting works and that this year marks the 100th anniversary of women having the right to vote. 

Makayla Garcia explained that the event was very beneficial and that she, “got an idea of how the Senate legislature works.” The girls were able to be on the floor when the resolution was passed declaring that January 24 would serve as Women and Girls’ Day every year in West Virginia.

Both girls agreed all women should get the opportunity to attend the Women and Girls’ Day event in Charleston, but Garcia did add that participants must be “mature and responsible” in order to represent Nicholas County well. 

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