Door Decoration Results

By Kyle Groves and Jaden Nemoto

The Christmas door decoration contest was split into two categories. One category was on Facebook where all of the doors were posted and whichever door got the most likes by December 18 won. The winner of this online competition was Mrs. Cox’s first period. Their door was called the “Starry Night Nativity” where they got a total of 296 likes! “I loved decorating the door, and I thought it was neat how my class added a famous artwork,” said Taylor Brown who is a student in the class.

The other competition category was judged at the school by four people on December 13. Two of the judges were Libby Coffman and Gus Penix from the Board of Education, and the other two were former teacher Bill Anderson and our very own secretary Ann Lanham. This competition was won by Mrs. Nutter’s first period. Their theme was called “Nutter Lane,” where they got a score of 9.75/10!

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