Hi, Ace! I’m split between two colleges right now! One is offering a four-year, $24,000 scholarship…that’s $96,000 total! However, the other one feels like a better fit for me. I’ve visited both campuses, and I love them both. What do I do?

From: Majorly Undecided

Dear Majorly Undecided,

You know, this question gives me major déjà vu! I had to make a decision very similar to your own at one point in my life. It’s tricky whenever scholarships come into play because it’s a nice offer that’s hard to deny. That IS a lot of money for scholarship, and student loans are ridiculous. However, my advice is this: go to the college where you see yourself succeeding and thriving.

Looking into your impending future, if you see yourself enjoying campus life, completing your studies, and building yourself as a person at one of these locations, then you know where you belong. White down a list of pros and cons about both schools, if you need a little extra decisive factor! In addition, if it happens to be the one without that major scholarship, it isn’t too late to seek out and apply for other scholarships. I had a full ride at one place, but when I found another school I preferred, it still almost paid everything off due to other scholarship opportunities I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Therefore, you have options here. Just remember…go where your heart leads you, not where everyone expects you to go!

♠️ Ace

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