Summer Saver Packets

By Canessa Taylor and Macy Ward

The Summer Saver packets are collections of work provided to students by each of their teachers to complete at home in lieu of traveling to the school when the roads and weather are too dangerous. One completed Summer Saver assignment is the equivalent of one day of work in class. This year, our first snow day was a free day, and we did not have to complete a Summer Saver assignment. Now that our first snow day has passed, students will have to complete one assignment per day for each of the next five snow days, while teachers unfortunately will have to report to the school on a two-hour delay schedule in case any students need to call and ask questions about their Summer Saver packets. Doing these packets excuses students from having to make up educational days at the end of the year.

The content of the Summer Saver packets consist of varies from class to class and teacher to teacher. For example, Mrs. Bennett’s Anatomy and Physiology students are being assigned practice science ACT tests to complete for their packets, while Mrs. Nutter is requiring her Civics students to fill out worksheets on research they do on current events that can be found in the news.

When asking senior Derek Mullins how he feels about the Summer Saver packets, he explained, “I’d rather just add the snow days to the end of the year instead of having to do the Summer Saver Packets. I don’t have to make up the snow days because I’m a senior, anyways.”

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