Social Media

By Mystie Johnson and Alex Rose

Ever since the creation of Myspace, social media has been gaining traction. From a simple website into a multi-platform playground, this integral part of the lives of so many people has snowballed into what some may call an addiction. 40 percent of our interviewees are self-proclaimed “social media addicts,” checking their phones anywhere from 15 to 50 times in one class period.

Social media ranges anywhere from business accounts or personal photos to meme pages and news sources. Of all things that happen to trend on the internet, Baby Yoda, vibe checks, and a cute way to lie to your future children. “I just love administering the checks,” said Cora Stubbins, a junior at Nicholas County High School.

90 percent of our interviewees had at least two forms of social media. Instagram was the most popular, with accounts being owned by 80 percent of our group; of that group, 70 percent admitted that it is their favorite platform. Only 50 percent of our interviewees care about their numbers of followers and likes, though. Out of those interviewed, only one person knew someone that didn’t use any social media at all.

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