Marshall University and BridgeValley Tour

By Mystie Johnson and Alex Rose

On November 7, 2019, Nicholas County High School sent a group of upperclassmen to Huntington, WV on a field trip to visit the campus of Marshall University. Seniors Kierstin Nielsen and Aden Facemire attended this trip, along with junior Jordan Morris.

The tours were many people’s first experiences with Marshall and BridgeValley. For others, it felt a little bit like a return home. Aden Facemire, a future music education major that plans on attending MU in the fall, said that he had a good day, the highlight being Harless dining hall on Marshall’s campus. While Kierstin is still undecided on where she will attend, she did take the opportunity to apply to Marshall while on campus. Kierstin enjoyed both tours and said that the ice cream machine at Marshall was the highlight of her day.

We decided to ask our interviewees about the pressure on high school students to attend a four-year university rather than a community college. “All you ever hear about is WVU, Marshall, and Glenville. I feel like people aren’t as proud of you if you go to a community college,” stated Kierstin, who felt very strongly about this. Though she is feeling the pressure of making her college decision, she also had this to say, “Do what makes you happy. If you can get to where you want to go through a community college, by all means, do it, and you can always go to a university later. You don’t have to go now.” Jordan agreed with Kierstin’s statement, adding, “There is more pressure to go to a four-year school I think. Everyone says ‘go to college,’ and it doesn’t really matter if you don’t want to.”

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