Ask Ace

Dear Ace, How can I manage my time? Do you have any tips or suggestions?

Dear Ace, How do you manage school and work almost 40 hours a week without crying?
-From Timebound and In Trouble

Dear Timebound and In Trouble,

These are both questions that really hit home with me, especially because I DO have work and school on a daily routine, alongside of maintaining my own business and attending to my hobbies. I stay busy! It is totally stressful to make an attempt at balancing your schedule without feeling like you’re cracking under the pressure. However, I do have some advice that might help the both of you! What I tend to do when my time management starts getting hectic is this: write down a weekly plan and set certain goals and deadlines for yourself! Of course, your work schedule is one thing that will remain solid, but if you take one evening each week (preferably on Saturday or Sunday) to write down a few priorities on a to-do list either as a paper copy or a note on your phone, it will make your life easier as time passes! I’m not one to keep a planner, which would probably also be a big help, but a simple to-do list allows you to take baby steps with time planning! You begin to feel triumphant after successfully accomplishing those tasks and seeing them on paper or on your screen makes them more realistic. The more frequently you do this, the better you’ll be able to manage your time!

When it comes to schoolwork, especially with some classes having a heavy workload, it’s even more stressful, so I understand why the need to cry is imminent. (By the way, there’s no shame in that! Crying every now and then is good for your mental health!) However, I know two of the biggest hurdles for me are procrastination and burn-out (you know, where you feel so overwhelmed that your heart isn’t in your work anymore). #1: If you’re having difficulties with coursework, reach out to your instructors. Most of them are here to help you and see you succeed, so having a strong sense of communication will make things better. They’re likely to offer you resources that will make the content easier. #2: Reach out to fellow peers and friends for support. While some may not be able to help you with some of the work, just knowing someone is cheering for you makes it worth it in the end!

Hang in there! I have faith in the both of you!

♠️ Ace

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