Arts and Crafts Fair

By Kaylee Neal

On December 6-7, Nicholas County High School hosted their 37th annual Arts and Crafts Show. They had seventy-five different vendors attend the event. The craft show has different selections of crafts and other goods. The craft show entry was by donations to help the National Honor Society. The National Honor Society and other clubs helped with concessions and unloading cars, while science teacher, Mrs. Barker, coordinated the rest of the Arts and Crafts Show.

The vendors were charged fifty dollars per spot. All the money the vendors make goes to them for profit. One of the vendors, Jessica Legg, said, “I made a profit that will help with my kids’ Christmas.” Another vendor, Jim Robinson, said, “I made a profit off of twenty-six bowls. I even sold out by 1 p.m.”

NCHS student and National Honor Society member Alex Rose said, “I have attended the craft show in the past, and there were a few booths that were completely sold out.” All the vendors and attendees seem to have a good time.

Mrs. Barker stated, “I was very happy with the turn out; we had more vendors than in past years, and many vendors purchased double spots.” NCHS plans on having another Arts and Craft Fair next year. Hopefully everyone plans on attending again.

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