Concert Band

By Kaylee Neal

Nicholas County offers concert band seventh period for musicians to show off their talents. Concert band is directed by Mr. Roger Akers, but the winter concert will feature senior band members as guest conductors. Marching band is a lot different than concert band; in marching band, you have a variety of things you have to do while playing. You must be able to march while playing and focus on hitting the correct spot, while in concert band, you set in a chair and play a variety of different genres. Junior clarinet player Devin Rose said, “Marching band is harder because you focus on multiple things at once.”

Another difference that marching band and concert band have is that in concert band, you perform three times, while in marching band you have a range of performances. James Egnor said, “I like marching band more just because I like to travel.”

You can do either, but it’s better to be in both so you can get used to playing with each other. In marching band, you have a set show that you practice all summer long starting in July and ending in November when football season is over, but in concert season, you have the Christmas concert where you play Christmas music. In the spring, the concert band goes to Ratings Festival where they play a wide range from pop to classical pieces. Some of the pieces are upbeat and some are slower. The concert band will also have a spring concert that everyone is welcomed to attend.

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