Asbestos Found in Auditorium Ceiling

By Canessa Taylor and Macy Ward

Asbestos is a material made of six naturally occurring fibrous minerals. Asbestos fibers are resistant to heat, electricity, and corrosion. It is an effective insulator that was used in the U.S. for many years until the ugly truth was discovered: Asbestos exposure is highly toxic!

If someone were to inhale or ingest asbestos dust, the mineral fibers it contains could become trapped inside of their body forever. Over time, those trapped fivers can cause inflammation, scarring, and eventually genetic damage to the cells of the body. Asbestos causes progressive lung disease and certain forms of cancer. In fact, asbestos exposure is the primary cause of the rare and aggressive form of cancer known as mesothelioma.

As explained by Vice Principal Jarvis, the asbestos was used in the ceiling tiles when the school was built in the 70s. Because the asbestos was in the ceiling tiles, it would not release fibers until the tile was disturbed or damaged in some way. Therefore, the asbestos in our school was not considered harmful. However, the decision was made to remove the asbestos anyway. It was professionally removed a couple of weekends ago to ensure the safety of students and staff in the school’s environment.

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