X-Quisite Twirl-n-Dance Goes to Disney

By Canessa Taylor and Macy Ward

X-Quisite Twirl-n-Dance Team is a majorette group based here in Nicholas County. They participate in performances and parades locally, across West Virginia, and even in other states such as Tennessee and Maryland.

In February, a select few members of the team will be traveling to Florida to march in the Twirl Mania Parade in the heart of Disney World. The process to be accepted to participate in the Twirl Mania Parade is very extensive. Applicants are sent a baton routine from the Twirl Mania staff that they must learn. After mastering the routine, an audition tape of that routine must be sent to Twirl Mania. Twirl Mania has to approve your video and ensure you’re doing the whole routine perfectly. If there are moves/facials you need to work on, Twirl Mania will give you that feedback. Once you’ve fixed all of the issues, you must send in another video to be approved. If Twirl Mania still finds imperfections in the routine, the cycle will repeat. There is no limit on the number of videos sent to Twirl Mania before you are approved to be in the parade. For some people, it may take only one video, but for others, it may take fifty. It took two videos for X-Quisite members to be approved.

Only 500 applicants from across the WORLD are accepted to perform in the Twirl Mania Parade. Applicants must be ten years of age or older to perform. Six of X-Quisite’s appropriately aged members secured their spots in the 500 available. The accepted team members are Macy Ward, Canessa Taylor, Aliyah O’Dell, Amyah Halstead, Maggie Kyle, and Madyson Kikla. This is the largest and most exciting opportunity X-Quisite has ever received. The members who were approved to go to Disney are proud of themselves for working tirelessly to achieve this dream of theirs! 

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