Scholarships and Grants

By Tiffany Frame and Kaylee Neal

Every school year, seniors from Nicholas County High School are awarded scholarships. Scholarships are grants or payments made to support a student’s education, and these are often awarded based on academic or other achievements. In order to receive a scholarship, you must you must first apply. There are many instances where there are available scholarships to apply for, but no one has applied for them. The best options are to apply for as many scholarships as you can, even if you only get $50; that money will add up quickly. A not so well-known scholarship is the WV Garden Club Scholarship; if you apply and receive this scholarship, you get $500 to apply towards your tuition. The deadline for this particular scholarship is February 1, 2020.

An amazing way to see what grants, loans, or other scholarships you are eligible for is through the FAFSA.  FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid; it is a form that needs to be completed by students who intend to go to college to determine their eligibility for student financial aid. The deadline for the FAFSA is June 30, but you want to apply as soon as possible so you can receive more scholarships. The deadline to receive the Promise Scholarship is March 1, 2020, and the Higher Education Grant deadline is April 15, 2020. All seniors are encouraged to register to have access to these grants and scholarships. Senior Alex Rose completed the FAFSA and said, “As of right now, I have received one $96,000 scholarship to Mary Baldwin University.”

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