Power Outage

By Tiffany Frame and Kaylee Neal

On October 31, 2019 a power outage occurred across Nicholas County. Was it a coincidence that the outage happened on Halloween? High school teacher Mrs. Freeman said, “No, I’m use to this stuff; my husband works with the power.”

Students and teachers were affected by the disruption. Principal Mrs. Rapp said, “It was disruptive, but it made the staff realize what we needed in case of problems like this.” The back-up lights go out after 15 minutes, but faculty wasn’t aware at that point; students had to use their cellphone flashlights, and the students who were in rooms with windows had to move away from the windows in case the wind blew the windows out. Because of the hour-long power outage, students had to stay after school for an extra 30 minutes so the buses could get on the right schedule.

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