Active Shooter Drill

By Katie Johnson and Kaitlyn Scrogham

On November 5, an active shooter drill took place at Nicholas County High School. This was a practice to see how the students and the teachers would react in an active shooter situation. There is an average of 22 school shootings a year, which is why it is necessary to practice these drills. Nicholas County police went through NCHS and shot blanks to make the drill seem more realistic. Mrs. Rapp was on the intercom telling the school where the active shooters were at all times, so they could remain informed and come up with an escape plan.

Officer Louden talked about the drill. He said, ‘’The students screamed when they heard the gun shots, then got really quiet. Then, everyone went outside.’’ Officer Louden stated there would have been about 10 casualties if this were real. He said “If it was real, students would’ve panicked more and went farther away from the school.’’ Officer Louden has been through an active shooter drill in every county, and he is also certified in active shooting response.

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