Student Success Society

By Kendra Morris and Derek Mullins

Student Success Society is an organization geared toward the success of students. The club is based on helping prepare students for life after high school.

This is a great club for those who need help and support for their lives after graduation. Student Success Society involves applying for scholarships and college, getting information on housing and jobs, and, because the club is led by wonderful teachers, learning very valuable lessons for life.

Mrs. Sutton is one of the teachers that is in charge of Student Success Society. She chose to be a part of the club because she loves helping students and giving them advice towards their future. “The club itself has a very good purpose; we help students transition from high school to post high school with as little stress as possible,” explained Mrs. Sutton.

Student Success Society is a very impactful club, not just to the students, but the teachers as well. Mrs. Sutton says that, “It gives me a sense of accomplishment to know that I’m helping with something that I didn’t have help with right after high school.” Hannah Tucker, a member of the club, explains, “Student Success Society has encouraged me to better myself by furthering my education.”

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