Does Hunting Really Affect Attendance at NCHS?

By Andrew Deal and Andrew Hughes

Colton Groves has hunted his whole life; he skips school to hunt because he would rather be in the woods than sitting at a desk.  Colton said he skips around five days a year to go hunting. He added, “I always have to eat and, getting my own meat, I know where it comes from.”  He mainly hunts deer, but he also hunts squirrels, doves, and ducks.  Colton said he usually gets calls home from missing so much from hunting. 

Mrs. Barker, a science teacher at Nicholas County High School, also likes to miss a day now and then to hunt.  She said, “I like to do my part in the hunting community and take care of the environment.” She loves to hunt and be out in nature as much as she can. 

A survey was conducted at NCHS to see how many students have skipped school to go hunting; 207 people completed the survey. Of those students, 31% said they’ve missed school to go hunting. The survey also showed an average of three days was missed per year for those who miss to hunt.

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