Winfield Marching Competition

By Emalee Foster and Kaylee Neal

On November 26, the Nicholas County Marching Grizzlies traveled to Winfield, West Virginia to attend the competition.  The band was judged on multiple categories including Majorettes, twirler, Drum Major, Field Performance, Marching, Percussion, and more.  They competed against other schools to receive their trophies.

The band earned second place overall Majorettes- Division II, second place Feature Twirler-Azreah Groves, second place Music, third place Auxiliary, third place Marching, and third place Percussion.

The band may not have placed high, but they had the best performance they’ve had all season. Paige said, “I think we did good, but we weren’t good at watching our drum major.” Hayley said, “The performance felt good, but we didn’t live up to our full potential.” The band will most likely give the competition another shot.

There were pros and cons about Winfield High School 2019 Marching Invitational. Paige said, “The weather was good, not having to get up so early was nice, and the field being dry made twirling easier.” Even though Paige liked certain things about the competition, she also had dislikes. She said, “It was hard having under ten drops, having your coach cry because it’s the best performance your team has ever had, but still losing to the same people the previous weekend.”  Rev didn’t like the fact that awards took forever to get rapped up and that the competition wasn’t very organized. He did like meeting and hanging out with other band members. Hayler Short said she, “likes how people were friendly but didn’t like the fact that the field was dry and bumpy.”

Winfield was an interesting day. We had an exceedingly great performance, but placing wasn’t high. All we can do is do better, so we can wow the judges next year.

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