Teen Court

By Kaylee Fowler and Hannah Tucker

Teen court is new to Nicholas County High School and is becoming popular in high schools all across Americ. The main purpose of this club is to give students that have gotten into trouble the opportunity to bring their case in front of teen court instead of what they call “real court.”

Teen court hearings are just like regular hearings. There will be two representative attorneys and one prosecuting attorney. The job of the representative is to lessen the amount of community service, and the prosecuting attorney will try to convince the judge and jury that the offender is guilty and to increase their amount of punishment.

Some punishments that the judge and jury could give them are community service, writing multiple page essays, detention, or expulsion from school.

Teen court is not just for Nicholas County High School. It also includes Richwood High School, Richwood Middle School, and Summersville Middle School. This is a good way for students to get involved with other students in the county. It also helps students become more outgoing and to get really involved.

Hearings will begin the week before Thanksgiving, will continue into next year, and will hopefully continue for years to come.

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