Nicholas County VoTech

By Canessa Taylor and Macy Ward

The Nicholas County Career and Technical Center, also known as the VoTech, is located in Craigsville and is attended by both Nicholas County High School and Richwood High School students. 

The VoTech offers multiple programs for NCHS and RHS students to take to prepare them for life after high school. Carpentry, Welding, Electrical, Graphic Design, Agriculture, Nursing, and Pro-Start are the many programs students can be participants of. 

Throughout the year, students become skillful in various aspects of their specific program. They can demonstrate and show off their expertise of their program at the SkillsUSA West Virginia Championships. At this competition, more than 800 career and technical students compete in 65 hands-on fields including trade, technical, and leadership. Students work against the clock and each other to showcase their maximum abilities. There is also a school competition held for only NCCTC students to participate in prior to the state competition. 

NCHS senior Amber Cogar participated in the two-year nursing program held at the VoTech. Amber said NCCTC gave her “a break from the high school, the ability to experience the career life of a CNA, and the opportunity to meet new people.” Amber also competed in the school and state SkillsUSA competition in the Medical Terminology contest. She placed first at the school level and placed fourth at the state competition. 

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