Bridge Day 2019

By Mylissa Johnson and Alex Rose

“Bridge Day is a celebration of an important landmark in West Virginia. The New River Gorge is among the top five as far as white waters go. Every year it grows so much. This year was around 80,000 people. I’m so proud to be from West Virginia.” Mrs. Barker, a science teacher here at Nicholas County High School, loves Bridge Day and attends every year. During her interview, she expressed her love for nature and West Virginia’s beauty. “There is something special here in West Virginia.”

Kali Mills got a different view of things from under the bridge. Kali said that, overall, her day was good, and if she had the chance, she’d be back next year. “It was kind of scary because people landed really close to us.” She laughed as we asked her about her experience.

Paige O’Dell went for her second time this year and was really excited to buy some West Virginia t-shirts. “It was really cool, and I’d definitely recommend it to everyone, even though it was a little chilly.”

Bridge Day seemed to be a hit this year. Everyone said that they had a fun time, and it’s safe to say that all these ladies will be going back next year.

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