West Virginia University Tour Piques Nicholas County High School Seniors’ Interest in the College

By Canessa Taylor and Macy Ward

A large group of Nicholas County High School seniors traveled to Morgantown on September 18th to tour the various campuses at West Virginia University and learn more about the school.

The seniors had two tour guides that led them around the Evansdale, Downtown, and Medical campuses at WVU. Information on multiple degrees and programs offered at the college was presented to the NCHS students. The seniors also got to eat lunch in the Mountain Lair, take a picture in front of the well-known Woodburn Hall, and tour the medical school’s simulation lab, complete with breathing and talking dummies.

Although the seniors had the opportunity to explore all three WVU campuses, many felt they still wouldn’t be able to navigate the university on their own. NCHS student and senior class president Stephen Hayslette said, “No, I don’t feel familiarized with the campus… If I went there now, I would be confused.”

When asked what her favorite part of the trip was, Taylor Brown replied, “The food.” Although the food may have been good, Taylor would have preferred if the tour was with a smaller group of students rather than the nearly 50 seniors she toured with in September.

We also asked seniors what they felt could be done, besides going on college trips, that would help them be better prepared for college. Alex Rose stated, “Maybe explain the actual process of applying and getting there and getting all the scholarships and everything.”

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