By Kyle Groves and Jaden Nemoto

The Nicholas Grizzlies’ volleyball team has had a great season and hopes to stay on their path back to states. “The season has been really good so far, and I think we’re surprising a lot of people,” said team member Rachel LeRose about the volleyball season.

The Lady Grizzlies play a total of 44 games, so there is a lot of competition. “The toughest teams we play are Woodrow for AAA and Robert C. Byrd or Bridgeport for AA, but if we play like we can and play up to our ability, we can beat them,” explained head coach Marie Shaffer.

“Our record is pretty good, and I’m proud of it. If we keep on improving, we can make it to states again,” said team member Rosebud Thomas. Their record is currently 23 wins-10 losses-3 ties.

The Nicholas Grizzlies’ recent games have gone really well. They beat Oak Hill on October 8th in a 3-0 match, Greenbrier West on October 7th in a 2-0 match, and Westside also in a 2-0 match on October 5th.

“I think if we keep working hard, we have a very good chance of returning back to states again,” said Rachel LeRose when asked her opinion of finishing the season out.

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