New Year, New Schedule

By Dawson Key and Billy Nicholas

            At Nicholas County High School, there were a lot of puzzled students at the beginning of the school year due to the new bell schedule. This schedule was confusing to many of the students who had grown accustomed to the old bell schedule. Office members tried to aid students and eliminate confusion by putting up signs and explaining the lunch schedule.

            The schedule allows students to have more time in class and is very beneficial to students and staff. The change makes it easier for staff to monitor students and their locations during the PAWS Power Hour. The new schedule also allows both high schools to be on the same schedule, which benefits the students attending the Nicholas County Career and Technical Center. “It’s easier for us because we don’t miss any of our core classes, but it sucks because we miss PAWS,” explained NCCTC student Jeffery Branham. Mr. Jarvis further explained that the new schedule is “the result of the county decision so all the schedules could run better.”

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