Mr. Baber Arrives at NCHS

By Ethan DeBoard and Katie Johnson

Mr. Baber has finally arrived at Nicholas County High School. Although he has been stressed about moving into a new environment, he is now into his third week of teaching at the high school and has managed to settle in. Before he arrived at NCHS, Mr. Baber was “ready to go and excited for the new opportunities at the high school.”  

Baber said that he loved teaching at the middle school, but he likes high school better. He added, “English will be much of the same as the format does not really change; however, yearbook will be much harder because I’ve never done it before.” 

Mr. Baber also gave some advice for aspiring teachers. He said, “Just don’t give up; even with the problems we have with the education system, it is one of the most challenging career choices, but it is also one of the most rewarding.” Mr. Baber has now arrived at Nicholas County High School, and everything seems to be running smoothly. Let’s all give Mr. Baber a warm Grizzly welcome! i

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