By Andrew Proffitt and Logan Shafer

The GEAR UP program for the class of 2020 sponsored a college tour of Fairmont State University.  Fairmont State is a D1 college in Marion County, West Virginia.  

The grades that were present were juniors and seniors.  Andrew Proffitt said, “I think it was a great choice of college.” Senior Derek Mullins also mentioned, “The food was great, and they had plenty of classes to offer.” The tuition for Fairmont is $6,950 per semester for in-state students, and, for out-of-state students, it is $14,666 per semester.  The acceptance rate is 65%, and, if you have a 3.0 or higher average, you will get accepted regardless of your SAT or ACT scores.  

The college has around 4,000 students attending, which puts the school at the third largest college in West Virginia.  There were around 52 Nicholas County High School students attending the trip.  There are two other Gear-Up trips in the month of October; these include the Clay Center trip in Charleston on October 22, and the WVU Technical College tour in Beckley on October 30. 

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