Class Officers

By Logan Kelbaugh, Ryan Lanum, and Bryan Neil

On October 6, students at Nicholas County High School voted for class officers to represent their classes with each grade bringing something different to the table such as ideas to help the school.  Senior Class President Stephen Hayslette said, “It’s a great honor to be elected, and I am excited for this year with my other class officers.”

The class officers have a lot of responsibilities. For example, they help influence changes and future activities for the school.  The positions include, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Sergeant-at-Arms.

Seniors: President Stephen Hayslette, Vice President Gavin Foster, Secretary Taylor Brown, Treasurer Seth Young, Sergeant-at-Arms Camden Crisenger

Juniors: President Johnathon Cook Vice President, Will Gillespie, Secretary Gaby Smith, Treasurer Johnny Sweeney, Sergeant-at-Arms Payton Wilson

Sophomores: President Abby Lucas, Vice President Bryson Phipps, Secretary Megan Wadsworth, Treasurer Emily Tharp, Sergeant-at-Arms DJ Coomes

Freshman: President Brian Strickler, Vice President Zack Jeckering, Secretary Jolee Hanshaw, Treasurer Anastin Hornsby, Sergeant-at-Arms Alex Pritt

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