By Kaylee Fowler and Hannah Tucker

9-Club was started during War World II by Mr. Lyle Herod, who was principal of Nicholas County High School from 1942-1943. 9 club started because there was not enough faculty to work the ball games. 9 girls from the Junior and Senior classes were selected to fulfill this service.

The 9-Club girls have three main jobs. They have to sell programs, take tickets, and support and promote all athletic events. This chapter of girls consist of seniors Maggie Gadomski, Taylor Brown, Galilea Villasenor, Adrienne Bounds, and Emily Barr and juniors Kaylee Fowler, Soren Tyree, Morgan Poff, and Taylor Winebrenner.

Every year, the 9-Club sets up a single fundraiser-spirit links. For previous years, there has been a competition with Richwood to see who can sell more. That fundraiser is not taking place this year, but upcoming fundraisers are still being thought about.

Mrs. Lanum has been the advisor for four years officially, but she has been helping for ten years before that.

9-Club only meets about three times a year, but they are constantly communicating with each other to make sure all sporting events are taken care of. “It’s fun, and I like being a part of a club with people who are involved,” said senior Adrienne Bounds.

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