Theater Class Ready for the Upcoming Season

By Kaylee Fowler and Hannah Tucker

With Mrs. McClung teaching and with the help of Mr. Anderson, theater is becoming a popular class that is loved by many students and teachers. “I love theater because I am able to be myself and be goofy without being judged by my peers,” said senior Adrienne Bounds, second year theater student.

Competition season is approaching, and, with the upcoming play “Check Please” by Jonathan Rand, the theater class is excited to begin working on this new play.

 Mrs. McClung has always had a heart for theater. She began teaching theater three years ago. She has her Master’s in English and her Undergraduate in Theater. “It’s indescribable, the feeling of everyone involved on the first night. You get to see all of your hard work we’ve spent coming to fruition and blossoming on stage. It’s almost indescribable how good that feels,” said Mrs. McClung.

Mr. Anderson has had a big part in the theater class. He has been teaching since 1986 and has taught in Nicholas County schools for over 22 years. Even after retirement, Mr. Anderson still comes back to help Mrs. McClung. “It’s about communication; that’s the real thing, the relationships that get built,” said Mr. Anderson. His love for theater never stops and continues to grow.

Theater is working hard on their new play, and many are excited to see what the class comes up with.

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