By Mystie Johnson and Alex Rose

Mateo Dennis Esteban White, the ten-month-old son of Maria Esteban and Zachary White, has been growing since December 5, 2018. Growing up in Mt. Lookout with his family and his pets has proven to be quite the enjoyable experience for the whole crew.

Mateo, whose name comes from “a long list,” spends his weekdays with a trusted family friend, probably playing with his gravedigger car or his favorite furry friends, the family dogs. When asked what her favorite part about being a mother is, Señora Esteban said, “Having your baby in your hands, seeing him smile; every little thing is so endearing but scary at the same time.”

While Mateo has had a lot of firsts in his short ten months, he not only has yet to visit Spain, but he also has yet to say his first word. Señora Esteban has been speaking to Mateo in Spanish while Mr. White has been speaking to him in English.

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