Welcoming Mrs. Peyatt

By Hannah Tucker & Kaylee Fowler

After the end of maternity leave following the birth of her son, Coleman Timothy, Mrs. Peyatt started her career as a science teacher at Nicholas County High School. Coleman was born on July 8, 2018 and is now over one-year-old. He loves being outside and loves animals. Coleman is a fan of bright colors, which is why the outdoors interests him. Mrs. Peyatt could not be happier that Coleman is becoming a mommy’s boy. “The best thing about being a mom is when he chooses me over his dad,” she joked.                                                                          

Mrs. Peyatt is one of many new teachers at NCHS. She started during the second term of the 2018-2019 school year. Mrs. Peyatt grew up in Summersville and attended NCHS as a student; she was a cheerleader, and she now gets to help with it. Mrs. Peyatt said she enjoys teaching at NCHS because of how familiar and comfortable she is with the school.

Many students love having Mrs. Peyatt as their teacher. “She is very helpful and extremely nice,” stated Kyle Tyree. Other students and staff expressed the same sentiment saying they are excited for her to continue her career at NCHS and for expect she will have a positive impact on her students.

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