Kicking Off the Grizzlies’ 2019 Season

By Jaden Nemoto & Kyle Groves

  “I feel very confient about the season,” Head Coach Gene Morris stated. “We have a lot of players back who have experience.”

 The Grizzlies football team went undefeated last year and are hoping to have another successful season this year. “Our goals are to have another successful season and to make it to the island,” explained senior Luke LeRose.

There are a lot of players returning from the previous season, so a lot of experience is coming back with them. “We also have a lot of young players that haven’t had the chance to play varsity football,” said Coach Morris. He plans to get the younger players some experience playing at the varsity level, so they can prepare for the next season.

 One of the team’s biggest and main goals this season is to stay healthy. Keeping the older players in good condition is very important because they play well together. Most have been teammates since they were little, so they have a great team chemistry. “I feel very comfortable with being behind my veteran offensive line,” stated the new quarterback, Timmy Baker.

 The Nicholas County Grizzlies won their opening game against Oak Hill High School 41-7. They hope to continue a great season and are aiming for the playoffs.

            Their current record is 3-2.

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