Poetry Slam

mckenzie johnson & christy taylor

The NCHS GSA hosted a poetry slam at the Summersville Public Library on April 27. The turnout was more than the offers expected. In total, six people read poems, each of them reading multiple personal works. One student even traveled 45 minutes to join the club at the poetry slam. The librarian, Cynthia Hagan-Kallai, was pleased to help with the event. The idea for a poetry slam came from Gavin Foster, the club’s president, as he often watches poetry slams online and was inspired by them. The GSA first did a test event, which was held in the media center at NCHS.

The participants wrote their own poetry, and it is safe to say that each of them had a very unique, attention- catching writing style. By the end of the scheduled readings, students were in line to go back up the the microphone and read additional pieces to see the reaction from their peers. The poetry slam’s environment was very welcoming and comfortable for everyone, both viewers and readers. Bethany Nutter, the host of this year’s poetry slam says she was surprised by “How profound the student’s poetry was and the outcome of the student participation.”

Bethany read a couple works of her own, one of which was titled “It’s a Surprise.” After the incredible success of this poetry slam, many of the participants are already anxiously awaiting the next one. The GSA does plan to make the reading annual.

Several Students view poetry as a creative outlet. Bethany tells us that the GSA and poetry work very well together because “The GSA and poetry are both all-inclusive, and they give people a chance to state their presence and creative works in a small group in which they can truly express themselves as individuals with people who can as understand their struggle.”

As with most of the endeavors made by students and staff at NCHS, the GSA’s poetry slam went wonderfully. You can expect to see more events hosted by them in the upcoming school year. This was their first year as a club. with many charity events, projects within the school, and fun students activities such as poetry slam- the GSA had a very successful first run.

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