Lake Clean Up Day

By Emily Major:

The 2nd annual Lake Clean Up Day took place on Saturday, May 11th at Summersville Lake at Battle Run and Salmon Run.

Lake Clean Up Day had a successful turnout of close to 118 people, 103 which were NCHS students. These students helped clean trash a debris from alongside the lake from anytime between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. For students who showed up and participated, some teachers offered extra credit points based upon on how long students participated at the Lake Clean Up Day.

When asked how Lake Clean Up Day went this year Makayla Garcia, whom organized the entire event with the help of Gavin Foster, said, “It went really well and was overall a great learning experience for the students. I enjoyed it a lot even though I got stuck with the paperwork.” Makayla’s favorite part of the day was, “The beginning because I love to see how blown away the park rangers are when they see just how big our turn out is.”

Thanks to Makayla Garcia and Gavin Foster for making Lake Clean Up Day possible, and thanks to the students who participated because without Lake Clean Up Day, our lake wouldn’t be as clean as it is now. Makayla is “definitely” expecting a 3rd Annual Lake Clean Up Day and she can’t wait!

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