2019 National Honor Society Inductions

By Makayla Garcia & Emily Major:

On Thursday, May 2, 2019, at 6 PM, NCHS hosted the National Honor SOciety induction ceremony in the auditorium.

35 to 40 junior and senior students with a 3.75 GPA, no major disciplinary actions, no excessive absences, and no ISS were inducted into National Honor Society. During the induction, each student was welcomed on to the stage by Mrs. Rapp, where they signed their contract, were awarded a certificate, and congratulated by Mrs. Barker. The students gathered at the back of the stage until everyone had been inducted, then recited the pledge led by the president of NHS, Jacob Tallamy.

During their time spent in NHS, students will play Bingo at the Nursing Home, participate at the Annual Lake Clean-up Day, work both girls’ and boys’ basketball concessions, help organize the annual Arts and Crafts show and Christmas Store, and work as ushers at graduation.

Mrs. Barker, the NHS sponsor, said, “Students have made it through three years conducting themselves being a service to their community and presenting themselves as positive, helpful, and contributing positively to the community and their school.”

Riley Butcher, a student inducted into NHS on Thursday, said, “I’m so thrilled. It’s an honor to be considered for such a high title,” when asked to describe how she felt about her recent accomplishment.

Congratulations to the following students who were inducted on Thursday evening:

Makala Alderman
Elizabeth Bailes
Emily Barr
Isaac Boone
Adrienne Bounds
Austin Brown
Taylor Brown
Riley Buthcer
Amber Cogar
Trey Comer
Sophia Conrad
Jenna Cooper
Terri Davis
Aden Facemire
Gavin Foster
Margaret Gadomski
Makayla Garcia
Azreah Groves
Jacob Holcomb
Phoebe Kiser
Rachel LeRose
Emily Miller
Kendra Morris
Jaden Nemoto
Alex Rose
Madalyn Rose
Katrina Simmons
Kyra Simpkins
Caroline Smith
Seth Strickland
Canessa Taylor
Cameron Thomas
Galilea Villasenor
Macy Ward
Seth Young
Kaitlyn Campbell
Nichole Crawford
Jeffrey Hutchinson
Illysa Sergeon
Hailey Woods

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