2019 College Decision Day

By McKenzi Johnson & Christy Taylor:

The fifth annual College Decision Day took place in the auditorium at NCHS on April 11, 2019. The senior and junior classes attended, as well as several proud parents of our seniors. This event is designated to recognize seniors as they plan their futures. Each participating senior went onstage as their college and major, or branch of military was announced. They then signed a letter provided by Mr. Jarvis displaying their intent to further their education.

Mrs. Knight, 11th and 12th grade guidance counselor says that it is a significant event for both seniors and the underclassmen. The Gear Up class at NCHS, or this year’s juniors, have attended since their freshman year. The goal is to give them a real look at life after high school so that they can begin developing visions in their heads. Seniors get a moment to realize that their hard work is finally paying off.

A total of 55 seniors were involved in the ceremony, with a variety of colleges, majors, and military careers. The college with the most attending was WVU, which is the usual for NCHS, as Mrs. Knight says. 14 students have been accepted and are going to be actively pursuing further education there. She adds that it is nice to group the students going to the same college and get a picture of them.

Receiving recognition for the goals students have set in place is a breath of fresh air. Both students and staff were able to step back and realize all that they’ve accomplished. “It is a proud moment being able to see students take that step into life after high school. It’s bittersweet to see that come to an end but it’s exciting for students to look into their futures,” says Mrs. Knight.

It is ceremonies like these where it comes into focus that students are the future. Hard work and dedication always pay off. Senior year can be challenging, stressful, and scary- but it is most of all rewarding to finally see your dreams unfolding. The seniors are very thankful for everyone who has inspired and helped them to succeed, as demonstrated in Jacob Tallamy’s video of students showing the appreciation to the teachers. College Decision Day was a proud day for the Grizzlies, and NCHS wishes the best of luck upon the future graduates.

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