2019 Variety Show!

By McKenzi Johnson & Christy Taylor:

The annual NCHS Variety Show took place Wednesday, March 27 in the auditorium. Several acts were featured. The Student Council as well as our theatre department performed skits for the event. Student Council also organized interactive activities for the audience, such as a donut game and the traditional teacher trivia game. The three winners were Alex Fennel, JJ Lipscomb, and Tanner Esker.

Throughout the years, NCHS has featured several different student talents. This year we had bands, singers, a rapper, and the student favorite — a dancer. Tanner Esker’s performance of the Napolean Dynamite dance won the show with the student majority vote.

Every year, students work hard to put the show together for us to enjoy. There is typically a $2 fee, which the student council puts toward community service activities. Mrs. Nutter and Mrs. Dorsey play a huge role in assuring that each job that needs done is accomplished to keep the show running smoothly. Mrs. McClung also helps organize skits with her theatre students.

The winners all received $50 after hours of practicing and nervously awaiting their performance. Upon being asked why he chose his act, Tanner tells us, “It’s one of my favorite movies. As soon as it came into my mind that I could, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t.” He also adds that after getting over the stage fright, he felt very accomplished.

For most of the year, students work for six periods of the day, and programs such as the variety show are very anticipated and rewarding for this reason. It gives the student body as well as the staff a chance to relax and have fun. “I think the variety show is important to our school because it gives the students the opportunity to showcase their talents. This way, the people with talent can get the support and recognition they deserve,” says Payton Litton, a member of Student Council for four years.

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