Student Success Society

By Makayla Garcia & Emily Major:

Student Success Society, a club aimed to help students gain more awareness about college and find specific college and career interests, meets on Fridays during 2nd lunch in Mr. Johnson’s room.

The club, coordinated by Mrs. Boone, Mrs. Cooper, and Mrs. Dorsey, is open to any junior who shows up to the meetings and participates.

As of now, the club consists of the following juniors: Adrienne Bounds, Abbie Roop, Hannah Tucker, Gavin Foster, Riley Butcher, Ressa Workman, Kaleb Armentrout, and Cameron Thomas. However, there could be an increase in the members every Friday during the meetings.

Student Adrienne Bounds said, “I wanted to find more interests in careers and life beyond college, and because it’s fun,” in response to the question: Why did you decide to join the Student Success Society?

One of the many activities this club has hosted was the career representatives meet and greet where people such as our mayor, a surgeon, and a pharmacist come in to meet and speak with the students. This activity was open to any student.

Adrienne Bounds said, “I’m more aware of what I want to do after school and how to achieve my goal.”

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