2019 Wildflower Art Contest

By McKenzi Johnson & Christy Taylor:

The Wildflower Art Contest is a show dedicated to raising awareness of the Appalachian wilderness and its diversity. Several parks in the state come together to help make this art show possible. Students are allowed to compete in two categories, in which they submit one individual and one team piece.

NCHS competes in the Wildflower Art Contest every year. Several original paintings from students K-12 are accepted into the competition. Students compete against other artists from Fayette, Raleigh, and Summers County.

This year, five students’ artwork will be on display. Jacob Ackison, Cameron Thomas, Cassidy Adkins, Bethany Nutter, and Alyssa Buckland have original works of art which will be shown in the Tamarack April 5 through May 6. NCHS art students will take a trip to view the exhibit on May 3. An award ceremony will also take place for the winners on April 7.

Cassidy Adkins made the piece “Forget Me Not, Darlin.” She says she chose the specific work because “The flower was pretty, and I like experimenting with new material. I used tissue paper and cardboard.”

Throughout the year, Mrs. Cox’s art students work diligently on not only their assignments but also the various shows and competitions they participate in. With the outstanding help of Mrs. Cox, NCHS Art brings back many winning places every year, showing a wide variety of talent and passion for making art.

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