2019 Math Field Day

By Emily Major & Makayla Garcia:


On February 13, 2019, NCHS Math Field Day students traveled to the Nicholas County Career and Technical Center to compete in the all-day Math Field Day Competition.

The chaperones for this trip included Mr. Neil, Mr. Groves, and Mrs. Cooper.

Mr. Groves said he was very proud of the participating students and considered them very successful because they filled seven of the ten spots. The students didn’t prepare for the competition because “Fox says, if you deserve to be there, you shouldn’t have to practice,” according to Macy Ward.

When asked how Math Field Day has impacted or improved her critical thinking and math skills, Macy Ward said, “You learn to use your time wisely and think of the most efficient way to get the correct answer.”

Caden Phipps (first place), Macy Ward (second place), Quinten Jeckering (third place), Caroline Smith (fifth place), Josie Chapman (sixth place), Taylor Brown (seventh place), and Gavin Foster (tenth place), will all be advancing to Regionals on March 23, 2019 at WVU Tech. These students will participate in the 10-12 grade portion of the competition.

Nicholas County High School’s 9th grade competition was held the same day and chaperoned by Mrs. Miller. The second-place winner was Travis Smith and following was Jaxon Mullins in third place. Hunter Gohil will represent as a second alternate. These alternates will take place of our students if one cannot advance to the next level for some reason.

Overall, everyone at Nicholas County High School was very pleased with the results, including Mr. Fox; however, he wished they could’ve taken one more spot, leaving them with 8 out of 10 spots.

“It was fun because I got to be with my friends and represent my school well,” Macy Ward said. She also included that the most challenging part of Math Field Day was “The group questions because I don’t like working with others, and it was chaotic.”

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