2019 West Liberty Trip

By Makayla Garcia & Emily Major:

On February 27, 2019, 20 students made of juniors and seniors travelled to Wheeling, West Virginia to tour West Liberty’s campus. Mrs. Boone chaperoned the trip, which is being reimbursed by West Liberty.

Mrs. Knight said, “College trips, such as this one, gives students the sense of life at college and allows them to explore everything with the college.” It also gives students the chance to gather information involving admissions and financial aid.

“The small campus had a very welcoming and family-like atmosphere,” according to Hayley Short, a student who attended the trip. Hayley, along with most students, was very fascinated by the animals (sloths, lizards, snakes, and turtles) used for a biology class offered at West Liberty.

The beautiful college is actually older than West Virginia itself being founded in 1837. It’s also ranked very high for West Virginia’s most affordable colleges.

Hayley Short responded, “The college was very small and affordable. It was extremely welcoming and appeared to have students with great relationships with their professors. I also noticed that they seemed to have a great social sciences program. Their campus is very secluded, which may not interest some; however, it means it has the potential to be safer.”

Makayla Garcia said the college was welcoming, but did not appeal to her because it didn’t yet offer the major she was interested in.

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