2018 Choir Concert

By Makayla Garcia & Emily Majors:

On December 11, 2018, Nicholas County High School held a choir concert in the auditorium to the public.

This event included a performance from “The Treblemakers,” NCHS Show Choir, NCHS Strings, and NCHS Strings & Chorus. Along with the music in the auditorium, student artwork was showcased in the cafeteria.

“The Treblemakers,” featuring Aden Facemire, Alex Fennell, Hunter Shaffer, and Bryer Stull performed “Mad World.” Bryer Stull said, “Choir has been a great opportunity to become more confident in performing and making music.”

The NCHS Show Choir sang “Carol of the Bells” conducted by Morgan Poff, “Ding Dong Merrily on High,” “Over My Head” featuring solos by Greenlea Hamner, Kiersten Nielsen, and Hunter Shaffer, and finally they sang “Africa” featuring solos by Kiersten Nielsen and Hunter Shaffer.

NCHS Strings performed “Christmas Symphony,” “Prayer Meeting,” “Christmas Canon,” and “Sahara Crossing.”

NCHS Strings & Chorus sang “Ave Maria,” conducted by Aden Facemire, and
“My Home Among the Hills,” conducted by Robin Frey.

Mr. Hypes proudly estimated there were around 250 people viewing the performances by some of NCHS’ finest musicians.

Hannah Dorsey, a senior choir student, said, “Choir gives me the opportunity to sing every day and learn great new songs. Mr. Hypes is a wonderful teacher.”

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