Food Bags and Coats

By Alex Morton:

During the school year, many kids face more than just the everyday struggle of being a student, that’s why donated items from our community are so important. “Every Thursday morning, the Catholic church in town delivers packaged items to NCHS,” Mrs. Lanham says. “Then, these items are distributed at the end of the school day before the weekend, so that students don’t have to go without.” NCHS teachers Mrs. Tyree and Mrs. Sales would like students to know that “we try to make it as discrete as possible and available when it’s needed.” Every week, our students take the time to repackage these items which usually consist of different types of food, personal hygiene products, and coats.

The idea started a few years back and has been helpful ever since. “The school is given around 20 bags a week and rarely are there any left over,” says Mrs. Tyree. Whoever needs them can take them; there are no qualifications, and the school does not monitor who takes them to allow students privacy, but also help as much as they can. The NCHS Grizzlies are grateful for all the help we receive in donations and more. Anyone can help and anything donated can be taken to Mrs. Tyree or Mrs. Sales.

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