Faltis Shelter Supply Drive

By McKenzi Johnson & Christy Taylor:

NCHS Student Council is doing a supply drive for the Faltis Shelter. The drive began on January 28th and will last until February 15th. Upon being asked what to do for community service, the students chose to collect supplies for the shelter.

Olivia Burford, a ninth grade member of student council, tells us, “Everyone in Student Council has brought in at least two items.” The history classes will be taking up all materials. The items vary from personal items to school supplies. They have asked for things such as hairbrushes, towels, tissues, notebooks, pens, and paper.

Mrs. Dorsey tells us that Student Council seems very excited about participating in the drive. “I try to enforce that it’s not just about putting your name on a resume in college, you have to have the drive to help people in Student Council,” she says. On the project, 11th grade student Madalyn Rose says, “I feel like everyone should be able to receive basic supplies for hygiene and education.”

Although we’ve just started the second semester, NCHS students and faculty have already hosted and participated in many volunteer acts to better the community.

The history class that collects the most items will be awarded a trip to Pinheads’ bowling alley. Madalyn says she is unsure at this moment of who will win, due to the participation of so many classes.

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